About us

Research and products:

Drug candidate HAS2021 is based on Primecell´s fifteen years experience with cell and tissue products, for example NTC Chondrograft®, which is in phase II/III clinical trial in EU, and extraordinary orthopedics outputs of University hospital Kralovske Vinohrady in Prague.

Cytokine Bioscience is a spin-off of Primecell´s research labs 4MEDi and NATIC, similarly as a spin-off Biohealing (2018).

Primecell research of mHAM for orthopedics was granted by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, ID Trend1/FW01010339 in 2019.


Prof. Martin Krbec, MD, Ph.D.

Head of orthopedic clinic University hospital, Vice-chairman of Orthopedic society

Prof. Valér Džupa, MD

Vice dean School of medicine,
Charles University Prague

Serhiy Forostyak, MD, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Mgr. Iveta Schmiedová

Head of the project, Statutary representative of Cytokine


Bc. Kristýna Kuklišová

Project Manager

Ing. Michal Zahradníček, MBA

Biomed enterpreneur venture,
4MEDI biotech accelerator