A new biological medicinal product for the treatment of osteoarthritis symptoms

Offers non-surgical treatment option to reduce pain & improve function


Estimated submision to Regulatory body 31.12. 2023. EudraCT No. AI2021-01 

GMP manufacturing
Clinical trial 2023


HAS2021 is a new investigational biological medicinal product for the treatment of osteoarthritis symptoms, developed by biotech company PrimeCell Bioscience. All IP rights granted to Cytokine Bioscience. HAS2021 is produced by a novel, patent-pending technology which allows to safely preserve the highest fraction of naturally bioactive compounds present in the human amniotic membrane.

Medical Problem

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative arthropathy characterized by episodes of acute pain, and one of the most common chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

16% of the European population suffer from Osteoarthritis. Two and half millions of them get TEP replacement/year with a cost of EUR 85B+ a year. In the past 5 years, the number of surgical operations in the endoprosthesis has increased by 80%. Rejection reaction or manifestation of hypersensitivity to the implant material is observed in 6 – 30% of cases of surgical intervention. The immune reaction is one of the causes of complications of bone tissue on implants.
Source: Juniper Online Journal of Orthopedic & Orthoplastic Surgery, Link

USA is the number one consumer of narcotic drugs, with 40 240 defined daily dosages of opioids per million inhabitants per day. In second place is Germany with 28 862 defined daily dosages per 1 million inhabitants, followed by Canada with 26 029. The Netherlands is in ninth place, with 16 114 defined daily dosages per 1 million inhabitants.
Source: Data from the 2018 report by the International Narcotics Control Board, Link



At 29. th of April 2020 got Cytokine round A financing from VC  fund Lighthouse Seed Fund  Luxemburg for another four years development and clinical testing of the „mHAM orthopedics 1102 injectable“, which is human amnion based drug candidate for Osteoarthritis symptoms treatment. The size of the investment was not disclosed.

Český BioMed Inkubátor 4MEDi pomáhá urychlit biomedicínský výzkum a klinické studie. Od investorů získal miliardu korun, a dá tak příležitost novým firmám z oblasti biomedicíny.